FILM & TAPE EXPO - XJY Silicones

21th-23th November - FILM & TAPE EXPO 2019
Booth Stand: 9A25, Shenzhen, Convention and Exhibition Center.

Shenzhen International Film and Tape Exhibition (FILM & TAPE EXPO) focuses on the film and tape industry. It is a film industry event to show various functional films, protective films, profiling films, optical films, film raw materials, die-cutting processing, adhesive products and processing machinery of related chemical raw materials. The hall area of224000㎡, 420 exhibitors, 600 spectators across the country and overseas.

FILM & TAPE EXPO will launch innovative exhibition areas and conferences such as ICDE coating die-cutting equipment zone, ICE Europe International Exhibition area, die-cutting technology innovation exhibition area in 2019. At the same time, there will be black Technology Conference of film industry, which will lead the innovative trend of film tape application in the future.

By visiting this professional exhibition, professional audiences can not only see innovative products and innovative materials, but also understand the industry development trend and technology application through participating in carefully designed technical seminars and Industry Summit forums, and discuss hot topics with exhibitors and colleagues in a short time. Get market information and learn new technologies.

XJY Silicone PSA are highly functional adhesives that have the unique features of temperature resistance, water resistance, electrical insulation, low inflammability, chemical inertness and anti-pollution. We will display Silicone Pressure sensitive adhesives for high temperature tapes and environmental tapes.

Welcome to our booth 9A25! We are looking forward to seeing you.
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