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Water-based Silicone Resin Used in Release Agent

Water-based silicone resin is a methyl phenyl silicone resin which combines part of hydrophilic groups to achieve resin self-emulsification or excellent water dispersibility.

Water-based silicone resin can be used alone as a kind of water-based coating to achieve good temperature resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation and water resistance performance; It can also be used as additive in water-based coating, and can be directly cold-formed with water-based alkyd and acrylic coatings:

1. Water-based silicone resin alcohol functional groups can be well cross-linked with acrylic and alkyd resins. At the same time, the phenyl group of water-based silicone resin ensures good compatibility with other organic resins.

2. Water-based silicone resin and water-based polyurethane coatings, can be used with good compatibility, polyurethane cure cross-linking agent can be reacted with alcohol groups of water-based silicone resin to ensure that water-based silicone resin and polyurethane resin is cured at the same cross-linking process.

3. When water-based silicone resin mixed with other organic resin coatings, it can improve heat resistance, weather resistance and water resistance performance of coatings to improve the shelf life of silicone resin.

4. Water-based silicone resin, which can be used as an efficient emulsifier, can solve the problem that conventional polyether emulsifiers are difficult to emulsify with silicone resin and high molecular weight silicone, or emulsifiers will influence the performance when added in large quantity.

Conventional methyl phenyl silicone resin contains toluene or xylene solvent, and the solvent volatilizes during solidification into a film process, which is harmful to the human body and environment. So it doesn't meets the environmental protection requirements. XJY-8355W water-based silicone resin is completely solvent-free, and it can be used directly or dispersed in water system to solve solvent discharge problem. Silicone resin film performance does not change significantly in response to environmental requirements.

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