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Silicones have a long history of use in skin care products, beginning in the 1950s. The importance of anti-aging benefits is driven by demographics and the desire of most consumers to maintain a youthful appearance. The population in the leading personal care markets including the United States, Western Europe, and Japan, is shifting toward older consumers as birthrates decline. At the same time, the rise in living standards in emerging markets allows aging consumers to purchase more sophisticated skin products that incorporate the latest developments in anti-aging technology. The global skin care industry has responded by developing products intended to prevent premature aging, reverse specific aspects of aged skin and improve the appearance of skin. Silicone in cosmetics will make a great a difference.

Personal care and cosmetics are the indispensable life ornament agent. Creating a perfect makeup and keeping a whole day happy and bring a smile and comfort to a person around you. XJY Silicones provides the basic raw materials for makeup, can be used for hair conditioning and hair care products, skin and sunscreen products to bring a silky feeling, to provide you with safe, high-quality, high-purity and easy to use silicone products. Integrate into every detail of your life.

Silicone resins such as trimethylsiloxysilicate and polymethylsilsesquioxane are film-formers that improve adhesion of pigments to the skin and transfer resistance. These resins are soluble in cyclomethicone and many other silicone fluids so they are easy to incorporate into cosmetic products. They can also be used in lipsticks to provide long-lasting color with greatly reduced transfer properties. In lip products, a high gloss film, as well as attractive color, is desirable. Phenyl silicones such as phenyl trimethicone are popular in this application. In addition to imparting gloss, phenyl silicones are more soluble in cosmetic waxes used in lipstick, a property that reduces the problem of syneresis, or bleeding of oil from the lipstick.
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