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XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

Product introduction of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

Structural formula:
XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane
cas 3277 26 7
Molecular formula:C4H14OSi2
Molecular weight: 134.32
Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Features of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

XJY - 706 tetramethyldisiloxane is soluble in many organic solvents, such as aromatic hydrocarbon and petroleum hydrocarbons, and so on. This product is a kind of widely used organic silicon intermediates, and usually, be used as organic silicon blocking agent. Due to containing reactive Si-H groups in the molecular structure, XJY-706 can be used in the synthesis of copolymer macromolecule by hydrosilylation. The synthesis of copolymer macromolecule can be made into a series of reactive silicone oil.

Properties of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

Product name 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane
Appearance Colorless clear liquid
Flash point -12℃
Content ≥99%
Boiling point 69~71℃(Easy to volatilize)

Application of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

  • Synthesis of polysiloxane-containing faculties ends groups.
  • Can be used for the preparation of high performance organic silicone surfactants.
  • Applicable to the production of many products, such as addition silicon rubber, silica gel, Hydrogenpolysiloxane and plastic, resin modifier, dendrite polymer special additives, etc.

Packing of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

XJY-706 is available in 20kg pails, 130kg and 140kg drums. Please consult us for other packaging.

Storage and Transportation of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

Stored in the original unopened containers, Storage temperature was -50 ℃ ~ 30 ℃.
Transported as dangerous products.

Precautions of XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane

Consult the Safety Date Sheet of  XJY-706 1,1,3,3- Tetramethyldisiloxane
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