XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone

Product Introduction of XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone

XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone Resin is a polycondensate from four functional group siloxane(Q) and One functional group methyl siloxane(M), the molar mass is generally 100-8000g/mol, the molecular structure of M and Q chain ratio and the structural nature of the M decision resin applications.

Properties of XJY-8206 Vinyl MQ silicone resin

Item 8206A 8206B
8206A(S) 8206A(M) 8206A(N) 8206B(S) 8206B(M) 8206B(N)
Appearance White Powder Colorless Transparent Liquid Colorless Transparent Liquid White Powder Colorless Transparent Liquid Colorless Transparent Liquid
Solid Content(%) >99 60 50 >99 60 50
Viscosity(mpa.s) / May,15 3000-100000 / May,15 3000-100000
The content of Vinyl(%) 1.8-2.2 1.08-1.32 - 2.4-2.8 1.44-1.68 1.25-1.4
Molecular weight 2000-20000
M/Q Value 0.6-1.2
Note: S is solid, M for solvent system, N for silicone oil system.

Applications of XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone

  • Surface treatment agent: As used in silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive, the phone keypad, epoxy adhesive surface.
  • Reinforcing material: plastic can be used for RTV, HTV rubber, addition silicone rubber, heat curing silicone rubber compound, shell encapsulating semiconductor components.
  • Adhesive: For construction sealant, organic resin coating.
  • Other additives: such as the preparation of release agent, defoamer, anti-sticking agent, and brightener, plus forming anti-adhesive peel strength modifier.

Packing of XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone

XJY-8206(S)packed in cartons for 15 kg, XJY-8206(M) and XJY-8206(N)are available in 50kg pails and 200kg drums. Please consult us for other packaging.

Storage and Transportation of XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone

Stored at or below 25℃ in the original closed containers. Period of validity:12 months.
If storage beyond their share life, the product should be rechecked.

Precautions of XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone
  • This series of product pH value is neutral. If on the skin(or eyes), flush with water, and get medical attention immediately.
  • This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical use.
  • Product safety information required for safe use is not included.Before handling, read product and safety date sheets for safe use.
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