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RTV Silicone Rubber Coating Features

RTV silicone rubber coating is the abbreviation of room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber long-lasting anti-fouling flash coating. RTV coating is a new type of hydrophobic coating based on room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. After being applied to the surface of the insulator, it can be cured to a rubber-like film at room temperature and firmly covered on the surface of the insulator, which can significantly improve the flashover voltage of the insulator.

Its characteristics are as follows:
(1) In the case of the same salt density, the power transmission and transformation equipment using RTV long-lasting paint. The external insulation flashover voltage amplitude can be increased to 200%. The initial discharge voltage can be increased by more than 100%.
(2) RTV coating is a one-component coating. It can be dispensed without using it. After the sealed package is opened, it can be directly sprayed on the surface of the insulator. After contact with water molecules in the air, it will solidify into a film to ensure quality, reduce waste and simple construction.
(3) RTV coatings have excellent electrical and mechanical properties, strong water repellency and hydrophobic migration, strong adhesion and long service life.
(4) The residue of RTV paint after burning is not conductive, leaving no safety hazard to the operation of the equipment.
(5) The power equipment using RTV long-lasting paint can not carry out maintenance work such as cleaning and washing for a long time, and its outer insulating surface coating can still maintain high anti-fouling ability, eliminating the need for periodic and large workload cleaning and maintenance. jobs.
(6) Compared with anti-pollution technology measures such as composite insulators and additional climbing skirts, the application of RTV long-lasting coating technology measures has the least investment, high reliability and low accident rate.
(7) The anti-pollution effect of the RTV long-lasting coating technical measures applied to power transmission and transformation equipment is much higher than the adjustment of its own external insulation creepage distance, thus saving a lot of equipment renewal costs.
(8) Eliminate the periodic, large-area and long-term cleaning and power-off of power transmission and transformation equipment, so that the power grid has less power outage and more power supply, resulting in huge direct economic and social economic benefits, effectively improving the reliability of power supply.
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