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Vinyl MQ Silicone Resin

Vinyl MQ silicone resin is a very unique class of silicones that are silicone resins with a tetrafunctional siloxane polycondensation chain (Q) and a monofunctional siloxane chain link (M). Its molar mass is generally 1000--8000. The ratio of the amount of the M chain to the Q link in the molecular structure and the structure determine the nature and application range of the resin, and any resin production can be added.

Specifications of vinyl MQ silicone resin:

Appearance: It is a colorless, transparent liquid with no mechanical impurities.
Viscosity: 5000-8000cs (25°C)
Volatile: ≤0.5% (150°C*2hr)
Refractive index: 1.41
Vinyl content: 2%

Product performance of vinyl MQ silicone resin:
1. It has excellent heat resistance and low temperature resistance and can be used in the temperature range of -60 ° C to +300 ° C.
2. It has good film formation, moderate flexibility, and is resistant to aging and UV radiation.
3. It has good water repellency.
4. It has good adhesion properties.

Use of vinyl MQ silicone resin products:
1. It is mainly used for the reinforcement of high-power LED silica gel. After adding, the silica gel is colorless, highly transparent and has high mechanical strength. Adjust the hardness to 75A Shore as required, and the tensile strength can reach more than 6Mpa. It has small line shrinkage, good resistance to yellowing, high temperature resistance, reflow soldering and no cracking.
2. As a reinforcing agent in transparent addition silicone rubber, the silicone rubber after reinforcement is colorless and transparent, and has high mechanical strength.
3. It is suitable as a tackifier for inorganic materials-adhesive bonding of organic materials.
4. Other applications that are not yet developed and to be developed.

Use of vinyl MQ silicone resin products:
Add directly. It is mixed with vinyl silicone oil in a certain ratio and dispersed. It is recommended that 1% of the vinyl MQ silicone resin has a hydrogen addition of 7.5-7.8%. 1.2% vinyl MQ silicone contains 0.63-0.65% hydrogen.

Packaging of vinyl MQ silicone resin:
It is packed in plastic drums or iron drums. The net content includes two specifications of 25kg and 200kg.
Storage of vinyl MQ silicone resin products:
Do not touch open flames and prevent direct sunlight. Keep it ventilated and dry. The storage period is 3 years. After passing the test, it can still be used after passing the test.
Transportation of vinyl MQ silicone resin products:
Prevent rain and sun exposure. It should be transported as non-dangerous goods.

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