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      XJY Silicone PSA are highly functional adhesives that have the unique features of temperature resistance, water resistance,
electrical insulation, low inflammability, chemical inertness and anti-pollution.
      XJY silicones mainly produce the silicone resins and PSA . The team of the XJY Silicone has more than 30 years experiences in silicone industry. Founded in 2003, which has one of the biggest continues production line of organic silicone resin in the world. Our Manufacturing and R&D, and Sales servives are ISO9001 Certified.


 Excellent high and low temperature resistance(-60 - 300℃)
 Outstanding Chemical corrosion, UV resistance and Weather resistance
 Have good adhesion to low surface energy materials, such as silicone rubber and Teflon materials
 Good bond behavior

Specifications and Applications



200Kg / Barrel, 50Kg / Barrel, can be adjusted according to customer's needs.


Storage condition: keep in cool and ventilated place for six months.


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Tel: 0792-3170696 / 020-87233027
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