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XJY silicones is the name of Jiangxi New JiaYi New Materials Co., Ltd.

XJY Silicones is a new enterprise for silicone resin innovation and R&D, with more than 30 year's experience in silicone industry. Founded in 2003, and it has one of the biggest continuous production lines for silicone resin lines in the world. Our Manufacturing, R&D, and Sales Services have obtained ISO9001 certificate.

The company has the business of R&D, production, and sales, providing customers with quality products and scientific and reasonable solutions. We specialize in the development of silicone cosmetics, PSA, silicone resin for industrial applications and other silicone products.

Our R & D team mainly consists of all levels of personnel trained by local institutions and the company, and the company cooperates with many domestic universities and research institutions to carry out the research of related projects. Based on our own requirements and understanding of quality and the characteristics of our customers in different processes, we have gradually developed our quality system on the basis of the international quality standard. We have advanced technology, automatic control system and good after-sales service.

We have established a stable relationship with many world famous enterprises, and have established a sales network in various regions of the world with their help. Our products have successfully entered the North American, Europe, Southeast Asia and other major international markets and have gained favorable comments from the masses of customers.
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