Industry Report for Silicone Resin

In the previous post, we have mentioned Industry Report for Silicone Oil. Now in this article, we will talk about Industry Report for Silicone resin. Silicone resin (also known as polysiloxanes) is a general form for polymers in which silicone group and oxygen group are alternately linked, and different organic groups are further bonded to silicone. The structure of silicone resin contains both "organic groups" and "inorganic structure", and this special composition and molecular structure make it possess both organic and inorganic functions. Silicone resin and modified silicone resin products are widely used in electrical industry and leather industry due to their excellent thermal oxidation stability, electrical insulation properties, weather resistance, water resistance, salt spray resistance, mold resistance and biocompatibility. Silicones can also be used as heat-resistant and weather-resistant anti-corrosion coatings, metal protective coatings, construction waterproof and moisture-proof coatings, release agents, adhesives. Also it can be used in LED electrical area as semiconductor packaging material. Silicone resins can be classified into silicone insulating varnishes, silicone coatings, silicone plastics and silicone adhesives according to their main applications and cross-linking methods. Since the development of Chinese organic silicone industry in the early 1950s, great progress has been taken place in material properties, mechanisms and applications.

Industry Report for Silicone Resin

From United Nations Comtrade Database, we can see that the export volume of Chinese silicone is increasing year by year. Compared with silicone rubber and silicone oil, although silicone resin only takes up about 10% of silicone products, it keeps stable in the domestic market for a long time. In 2014, the domestic consumption of resin was around 8,000 tons; by 2015, the consumption reached 14,000 tons. XJY silicones resin mainly include MQ resin, VMQ resin and methyl phenyl resin, which are widely used in building sealant reinforcing material, mold release agents, antifoams & defoamers, RTV-2 silicone rubbers--LED sealant, pacifier glue, optical lens, electronic glue, silicone cup and so on. If you are in the perfect market for silicone resin, pls do not hesitate to contact us, our technical team will help you at 24/7.
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