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SILICONE - Based Shampoo and Hair

As a practitioner in the silicone industry, I am often asked two questions: Will silicon block the pores on the scalp? If silicone oil is harmless to the scalp, why do people now admire silicon-free shampoo?

First of all, silicon does not clog pores, it only forms a film, and it forms a film on the hair. Secondly, there are hundreds of kinds of silicon. Different silicone major or good at different fields. The silicon used in shampoo must be applied to the hair. The silicon products used in the concealer will form a film on the pore surface. Recalling our chemistry experiment in middle school, even the same kind of harmful substances will form different reactions under different media, so different silicon will be formed into films by different media or emulsified with water. Rinse with foam.

In fact, silicone oil is a non-toxic and harmless conditioner. If the hair is dry and fluffy , use a shampoo containing silicone oil to make the hair more supple and shiny. Why do you want to say no to silicone oil?

To be frank, the so-called silicon-free shampoo may actually be to save product costs. After all, silicon is not cheap!
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