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Product description

        XJY-056 Cosmetic Grade Fluid for personal care was known for their high refractive index which improves shine gloss and can be used in skin care, sun care, make up and cosmetic foundations etc. It provides better properties, such as softness, lubrication, resistant to oxidation, and good compatibility with cosmetic ingredients.

Product benefits

● Water repellency
● UV protection
● Fim forming
● Softness and silkness
● Non-oily feeling 
● Color migration resistance
● Spreadability and compatibility
● Good antistick and antitack 


Typical properties


 Sun care​

​ Hair care
 Deodorant & AntiperspirantSkin cream (Facial care, Body lotion, body cream)
 Color cosmetic (Lipstick, Lipgloss, Eyeliner, BB cream)
 Sticks products
 Styling product​



Suggested usage

skin care:  1%-3%
sun care:  1%-6%
hair care:  2%-10%
color cosmetics:  2%-2.5%

extended wear lipstick:  4%-6%
shimmer eye make-up: 9%-11%
antiperspirant stick:  14%-16%
clear lip gloss:  19%-20%



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Tel: 0792-3170696 / 020-87233027
Postcode: 330319
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