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Product  Capacity Export rate(%)
XJY-8206N 30-45 /
XJY-8206(A/B/C) 30-45 >50%
XJY-8205C 60-90 >90%
XJY-8205/8203 20-30 >80%
XJY-301 150-225 /
XJY-056 200-300 >90%
XJY-801 120-180 >40%
XJY-706 60-90 >60%
XJY-702B 45-65 >50%
XJY-705 20-30 >60%
XJY-711 45-65 >90%
XJY-701 300-450 >50%
XJY-707 120-180 >80%
Total Capaity 1200-1795

By Application
Organosilicon compound of organic silicon materials have many varieties, with excellent performance, and has set up in industrial and agricultural production, the emerging technology, national defense, health and People's Daily life to achieve widespread application. Polysiloxane combines the characteristics of organic polymers and inorganic materials with different molecular structures.

XJY Silicones organic silicon products are mainly divided into FOUNCTIONAL SILOXANE & POLYSILOXANE, HYDROGEN SIRIES, ORGANGOSILICATE and SILANE series. We are committed to providing customized services and adjustable product performance to meet diversified product market and customer needs.
BY Function

Silicone resin is a thermosetting polysiloxane system with high crosslinking structure. silicon-oxygen bond has higher bond energy, so polysiloxane has high thermal stability. It has excellent heat resistance and weather resistance, and has excellent electrical insulation, chemical resistance, hydrophobicity and flame retardancy, and other properties can be obtained by modification.

In very long a period of time, the silicone resin was mainly used as electrical insulating paint and coating. Polysiloxane combines organic polymers and inorganic polymers with excellent surfactants, heat and cold resistance, aging resistance and UV resistance, non-toxic and physiological inert, and thus used as cosmetic ingredients additives.

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