Hydrogen Series
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Hydrogen Series

Commonly used as the main group of methyl for silicone oils. Poly(methyl hydrogen siloxane), CAS 63148-57-2 can be cross-linked into the film under in low-temperature under the action of metal salts catalysts and form a waterproof film on the surface of a variety of substances, which can be used as fabrics, glass, ceramics, paper, leather, metal, cement, marble and other materials waterproof agent, especially the waterproof fabric.  A mixture use of methyl-hydrogenated silicone oil emulsion and methyl hydroxy silicone oil emulsion can waterproof and maintain the fabric air permeability and can improve the fabric tearing strength, friction strength, and anti-fouling, improve fabric feel and suture performance. In addition, it is used as an adhesive and crosslinking agent for paper.
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