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Silicones are of great importance ingredients to enhance personal care products and play a major role in our hair care, skin care, deodorants, antiperspirants and color cosmetics.

XJY- Silicones provide four kinds of silicone products: trimethylsioxysilicate, phenyl trimethicone, Polymethylsilsesquioxane and silicone gels.

XJY-8203 Trimethylsioxysilicate improve moisturisation and radiance and enhance a soft and refreshed skin feeling. They also improve spreadability and water resistance of skin formulations.

Silicones give an elegant, silky feel to color cosmetics, improving an evenly spreading of pigments. Moreover, they enhance the long-lasting of formulations, as well as water resistance.

XJY-056 Phenyl trimethicone are used in hair care products to improve conditioning and to meet the increasing consumer demands such as frizz control, increased shine, heat and color protection, improved combing and also to create a long-lasting soft feel.  
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