Silane is a compound of functional group and inorganic functional group that combines reactive or compatible organic groups in a single molecule, and this special property enables them to be used as a molecular bridge between organic and inorganic materials. Silane silicone can be used as crosslinking agent for RTV silicone rubber, the surface treatment agent for glass fiber, surface treatment agent of inorganic filler and sealant, so as to improve dispersion and adhesion and compatibility of fillers in resin.。It is used to improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance and moisture resistance of the products. The instability of the silanes results from the reactivity of the silicon-hydrogen bond; derivatives in which all the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by organic groups

  • Product Applications:

    It's mainly used as methyl silane alkylation in Pharmaceutical biosynthesis (such as amikacin, penicillin, cephalosporins, fluorouracil and kinds of penicillin derivatives), hydroxyl protectants of antibiotics. +86-0792-3170696
  • Product Applications:

    As the Crosslinking agent of RTV silicone rubber and glass fiber surface treatment agent and talk to agents outside of reinforced plastic laminated products in order to improve the mechanical strength, heat resistance, moisture resistance. +86-0792-3170696
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