XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

1. PRODUCT FEATURES of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

Chemical Name: Hydride Terminated Polydimethylsiloxanes
Structural Formula: 

XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

XJY-707 is soluble in various organic solvents such as aromatic hydrocarbons/petroleum hydrocarbons. It is insoluble in water and is a widely used silicone intermediate. It is usually used as a silicone end-capping agent. Due to containing reactive Si-H groups in the molecular structure, XJY-707 can be used in the synthesis of copolymer macromolecule by hydrosilylation. The synthesis of copolymer macromolecule can be made into a series of reactive silicone oil. 

2. PRODUCT SPECIFICATION of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes








Colorless clear liquid

Hydrogen content(%)













Volatile matter (105℃/3h)






3. APPLICATIONS of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

  • As a chain extender for adding liquid silicone rubber, adding a crosslinking agent for forming a hot vulcanized silicone rubber;
  • Used as a waterproofing agent and softener for natural and synthetic fabrics;
  • Special silicone surfactant;
  • Used in manufacture of a variety of end group reactive linear modified silicone oil. 
  • The key intermediates of block copolymerization reaction.
  • Used for modification of the reaction, such as plastic resin.

4. PACKAGING of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

XJY-707 is available in 20kg pails and 190kg plastic drums. Packaging options are available upon request. 

5. STORAGE AND TRANSPORTATION of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

This product stored at or below 25℃ in the original unopened containers. Transported as non-dangerous goods.

6. PRECAUTIONS of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

  • This series of product pH value of the solution near neutral. If on skin(or eyes), flush with water. if irritation or other symptoms continue, please get medical attention immediately.
  • Avoid contact with water, strong acid, alkali and oxidant during the transfer operation. If possible, have an inert atmosphere in the kettle and keep the solvent vapor content of the surrounding area at safe levels by providing adequate building area ventilation. 
  • Product safety information required for safe use is no included. Before handling, read product and safety date sheets for safe use.
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