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XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

Product introduction of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

Structural formula:
XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes
CAS NO. :70900-21-9
Molecular weight: 450-500
Appearance: Colorless clear liquid

Features of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

XJY - 707 polydimethylsiloxane PDMS is soluble in many organic solvents, such as aromatic hydrocarbon and petroleum hydrocarbons, and so on. This product is a kind of widely used organic silicon intermediates and can be used as organic silicon blocking agent usually. Due to containing reactive Si-H groups in the molecular structure, XJY-707 can be used in the synthesis of copolymer macromolecule by hydrosilylation. The synthesis of copolymer macromolecule can be made into a series of reactive silicone oil.

Properties of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

Item Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes
Content of Hydrogen,% 0.32±0.01 0.13±0.005 0.080±0.002 0.045±0.002 0.030±0.002 0.01±0.002
Viscosity,25℃,mm2/s 2~4 12~15 30~40 60~80 110~160 200~400
Volatile matter,%   105℃3h ≤12 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3 ≤3

Application of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

  • Used in manufacture of a variety of end group reactive linear modified silicone oil, modification of the reaction, such as plastic resin.
  • The key intermediates of block copolymerization reaction.
  • Can be used as chain extension agent for addition liquid silicone rubber, crosslinking agent for addition liquid silicone rubber.

Packing of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

XJY-707 is available in 20kg pails and 190kg drums. Please consult us for other packaging.

Storage and Transportation of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

This product stored at or below 25℃ in the original unopened containers.

Precautions of XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes

Consult the Safety Date Sheet of  XJY-707 Hydride Terminated PolyDimethylsiloxanes.
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