XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

Product Introduction of XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

XJY-801 series silicone resin powder is a kind of true ball, narrow diameter distribution of solid powder, the chemical structure as insoluble, infusible and have three functional component dense crosslinking curing of the resin. It has the characteristics of low density, heat resistance, lubricity, hydrophobic good organic silicon products of excellent performance, particle size range 0.5-12.0μm.

Properties of XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

Performance index
XJY-8012 XJY-8015 XJY-80110
Shape Spherical particle Spherical particle Spherical particle
Average Particle Size(μm) 2 5 10
Particle Size Distribution (μm) Jan, 4 March, 8 Aug, 12
Real Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 1.3 1.3 1.3
Water Content% ≤1% ≤1% ≤1%

Electron microscopic photographs
Electron microscopic photographs

Particle Size Distribution
Particle Size Distribution

Applications of XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

  • Plastic film and plastic board: prevent adhesion and maintain plastic film (PP, PE, PET) transparency.  Improve the surface smoothness, maintain good heat sealing property.
  • Rubber: strengthening the surface smoothness, improve the rubber abrasion resistance and water resistance.
  • Light diffusion plate, light diffusion film: Through the PC, polystyrene, such as the combination of acrylic resin give its excellent light diffusivity, but also through the added to the spraying give its membrane light spreading.
  • Synthetic resin: improving the wear resistance, resistance to adhesive, smooth performance in epoxy resin, acrylic, polyester and ABS.
  • Paint, ink: improving lubrication, the dispersity and hydrophobic. Improve the surface smoothness and inferior smooth feeling.
Packing of XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

Products are packed in plastic bags or cartons for 25 kg.

Storage and Transportation of XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

Stored in a cool and dry place, transport as non-dangerous goods.

Method of application of XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder

Consult the Safety Date Sheet of  XJY-801 Series Silicone Resin Powder.
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