Industrial Silicone Product Features

Industrial Silicone Product Features

The basic structural unit of an industrial silicone product is composed of silicon-oxygen chain links, and the side chains are connected to various other organic groups through silicon atoms. Therefore, in the structure of the silicone product, both the "organic group" and the "inorganic structure" are contained. This special composition and molecular structure make it combine the properties of the organic matter with the function of the inorganic substance. Compared with other polymer materials, the most outstanding properties of silicone products are:

Industrial Silicone Product Temperature resistance

The silicone product is based on a silicon-oxygen (Si-O) bond. The bond energy of the C-C bond is 82.6 kcal/g molecule, and the bond energy of the Si-O bond is 121 kcal in the silicone. / molecule. Therefore, the thermal stability of the silicone product is high, and the chemical bonds of the molecules at high temperatures (or radiation irradiation) are not broken or decomposed. Silicone is not only resistant to high temperatures, but also resistant to low temperatures and can be used over a wide temperature range. Whether it is chemical or physical mechanical properties, it varies little with temperature.

Industrial Silicone Product Weather resistance

The main chain of industrial silicone products is -Si-O-, which has no double bonds and is therefore not easily decomposed by ultraviolet light and ozone. Silicones have better thermal stability and resistance to radiation and weathering than other polymer materials. The service life of silicone in the natural environment can reach several decades.

Electrical insulation performance of Industrial Silicone Product

Silicone products have good electrical insulation properties. Its dielectric loss, withstand voltage, arc resistance, corona resistance, volume resistivity and surface resistivity are among the best in insulating materials, and their electrical properties are little affected by temperature and frequency. Therefore, they are a stable electrical insulating material and are widely used in the electronics and electrical industries. In addition to excellent heat resistance, silicone has excellent water repellency, which is a guarantee of high reliability in the use of electrical equipment under wet conditions.

Biological characteristics of Industrial Silicone Product

Bioactive silicone is an essential nutrient for the human body. Silicones are important elements that make up human tissue and participate in metabolism. It is stored in every cell of the human body as a support for cell construction, and at the same time helps other important substances such as magnesium, phosphorus, calcium and the like to be absorbed. The human body can only continuously obtain silicone through food.

Scientists believe that silicones exist in humans in three main forms:

(1) Soluble silicone accounts for 10% of the weight
(2) 30% of silicone products exist in various cell substrates
(3) 60% of silicone products are used to synthesize proteins, which means that the silicone we need every day is quite high.

If you want to maintain 5 years, 10 years or even 30 years of youth, it is especially important to consume 20-30 mg of silicone per day.
Low surface tension and low surface energy.

The main chain of silicone is very compliant, and its intermolecular force is much weaker than that of hydrocarbons. Therefore, it is lower in viscosity than hydrocarbons of the same molecular weight, has a weak surface tension, a small surface energy, and a strong film forming ability. This low surface tension and low surface energy are the main reasons for its multi-faceted application: hydrophobic, defoaming, foam stabilization, anti-sticking, lubrication, glazing and other excellent properties.
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