Light diffusion agent and Polymethylsilsesquioxane

Light diffusion agent is a hight performance powder with lubricity, impact resistance, light diffusion and heat resistance function.
It can provide excellent performance of transmittance and haze, widely used in transparent PC lamp, panel light and LCD light sheet

This kind of light diffusion agent can be regularly dispersed in the resin, and it can be passed by transparent sphere.
The reason why it can improve transmittance is that the refractive index is different between sheet and spherical powder, so the light will refract many times and reach a soft light effect.
If we use inorganic light diffuser, the light can't pass through inorganic molecule and it will make great loss of light.

PC Silicone Light Diffusing Agent/ Silicone Resin Powder KS-150 TDS SGS

Typical properties



Light transmittance

More than 86%(stabilization)



Average particle size


Particle size range












Silicone content



0.5%-1%(different purpose need to test)

Production Process
1. Methyltrichlorosilane(M1/MTCS) reacted with CH3OH, and then get MTMS. By hydrolysis reaction and curing process, we get spherical silicone resin
2. MethyltrichlorosilaneM1/MTCS )directly hydrolysis to get spherical silicone resin

As for we can see, it's easy to get spherical silicone resin by M1 hydrolysis, so why should we choose to buy MTMS to manufacture rather than M1 hydrolysis?
1: There are many impurity contents included in monomer
2: The speed for monomer hydrolysis is very fast and it's difficult to control
3: If we use monomer, then we will get HCL after finishing reaction, and it's very hard to handle.

Light diffusing agent mixed with transparent material to produce master batch, and the density will be 10%-20%, and then mixed with PC/PS/PMMA

Light diffusing agent directly added to PC/PMMA/PS

Light diffusing agent directly added to PC/PMMA/PS

Our capacity for light diffusing agent is 30tons/month, but there are many customers in China ask us for this product, so we will expand our capacity to 60 tons /month.

It is mainly used in.
1. Masterbatch: PS, PP PC, PMMA
2. Sheet board like panel Light and Liquid Crystal Display LCD TV) And the dosage will be 1%

Our particle size is 1.0, 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0um.
When used in light area, particle size will be 2.0um, and it will have highest transmittance while haze will be lowest.
When used in TV area, particle size will be 1.3um. Haze will be higher while lower Transmittance.

Haze representes transparency. The higher haze, the lower degree of image.

The higher light transmittance, the better the light, but the transmittance can't reach up to 100%, and the highest is about 95%. There are some reasons as follows: light reflection, light absorption, light scattering.
At present, we are developing a kind of spherical silicone resin with phenyl group, and its Refractive index can reach up to 1.5)

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