MQ Vinyl Resin in Xylenes and SPSA

The double crosslinked SPSA was prepared by hydrosilylation and free radical method with methyl vinyl MQ silicone resin (MQ Vinyl Resin in Xylenes) , hydrogenated silicone oil and phenyl silicone rubber as matrix, BPO (benzoyl peroxide) as initiator, dbtdl (dibutyltin dilaurate) and chloroplatinic acid isopropanol as catalyst, The effects of crosslinking agent content, catalyst content and crosslinking process on the properties of SPSA were discussed. The results show that when the reaction functional group n (Si-H): n (Si VI): 0.5:1.0, w (BPO): 1.0% (relative to the total mass of silicone rubber and silicone resin), the crosslinking temperature is 150 ℃ and the crosslinking time is 10 min, the initial adhesion of SPSA is 9 × steel ball, the peel strength at 135 ℃ is more than 7.0 n / mm, the room temperature and 80 ℃ adhesion are more than 24 h, and the preparation process of the double crosslinked SPSA is simple, It has good dielectric resistance and heat resistance, and has the advantages of SPSA obtained by single crosslinking method.
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