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Phenyltrimethicone in Cosmetics

Phenyl trimethicone is a low viscosity, colorless, transparent liquid that is slightly volatile and has a high refractive index and is easily compounded with alcohols and organic components. Phenyl trimethicone has good permeability to the skin. The skin feels good after using phenyltrimethicone. It imparts softness to the skin, darkens the hair and maintains a natural glow. It is miscible with aliphatic and aromatic solvents and many commonly used cosmetic materials such as beeswax, lanolin, mineral oil, paraffin and isopropyl myristate. Polymethylphenylsiloxane is a commonly used additive for creams, lotions and sunscreen products because of its simple formulation. It can be used as a radiation-reducing agent in mask film formers, hair conditioners and sunscreens, and has become a base material widely used in hair-based and cream-based cosmetics.

The role of phenyl trimethicone in cosmetics

1. Phenyl trimethyl silicone oil has a high refractive index, which gives the hair a high gloss and can make the lipstick and skin cream look shiny.
2. Phenyl trimethyl silicone oil lubricates, moisturizes and moisturizes the skin. Phenyl trimethicone is not greasy and can reduce the greasy feel of other components in the formulation and is a very good emollient.
3. Phenyl trimethyl silicone oil is easy to apply, giving the skin a dry, smooth, non-sticky skin feel.
4. Phenyl trimethyl silicone oil is used in anti-sweat deodorant products to have anti-skin whitening effect and moisturize the skin.
5. Phenyl trimethyl silicone oil has very good waterproof function and can be used in sunscreen products.
6. Phenyl trimethicone also has the effect of enhancing the dispersibility of the silty material in the presence of physical sunscreens and color cosmetics.
7. Phenyl trimethyl silicone oil has good compatibility with various oils and can be used in most skin care products.
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