Pressure Sensitive Glue Composition and Classification

A typical representative of a pressure sensitive adhesive is Glue Dots glue. It is an abbreviation for pressure sensitive adhesive. It is a type of adhesive that is sensitive to pressure. It is mainly used to prepare pressure sensitive tapes. The peeling force refers to the peeling force exhibited by the adhesive tape and the adhered surface after pressure bonding. Cohesion refers to the force between pressure sensitive glue molecules. The adhesive force of the adhesive refers to the adhesion between the adhesive and the substrate. Generally, the peeling force of the pressure sensitive adhesive is less than the cohesive force of the adhesive. The cohesive force of the adhesive is less than the adhesive force of the adhesive. Such a pressure sensitive adhesive does not have a phenomenon such as degumming during use.

The pressure sensitive adhesive glue can be classified into a rubber type and a resin type according to the main resin component. The rubber type can be further divided into natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The resin type mainly includes acrylics, silicones, and polyurethanes. In addition to the main component of the rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, it is also added with other auxiliary components such as tackifying resin, plasticizer, filler, viscosity modifier, vulcanizing agent, anti-aging agent and solvent. In addition to the main resin, the resin b>pressure sensitive adhesive needs to be added with an antifoaming agent, a leveling agent, a wetting agent and the like. In addition to the above classification methods, pressure sensitive adhesives can be divided into water-based and solvent-based pressure-sensitive adhesives according to different dispersion media; and can be divided into packaging, protection, insulation, warning, labeling, stationery and other products according to different purposes.
Polypropylene sealing, textured paper (crepe paper), and PVc electrical tape are seen on the market.
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