Production Process Of Divinyl Tetramethyl Disiloxane

Brief introduction of the production process of Divinyl Tetramethyl Disiloxane

Take the raw material sodium metal and dimethyldiethoxysilane. The metered dimethyldiethoxysilane and sodium metal were placed in the kettle. Increase the temperature to dissolve it. After the dissolution is complete, the reaction is carried out by adding chloroethylene to the reaction, and the temperature is controlled to be below 9 (TC, the pressure is below 0.2 MPa. The reaction time is generally estimated according to the material balance.

After the reaction is completed, all the materials are placed in an initial steamer for distillation. The temperature is controlled below 13 (TC below, the pressure is below 0.1 lMPa. When there is no liquid in the kettle, the distillation is finished. The distilled liquid is used as an intermediate material to enter the hydrolysis kettle for hydrolysis, and the residue remaining in the distillation still is treated as waste residue. At this time, the sodium ethoxide and sodium chloride in the waste residue are each about 50%.

The hydrolysis process is to add the catalyst sodium hydroxide to the distilled liquid to hydrolyze it into a product. The conditions during the hydrolysis are controlled as follows: temperature is 80 ° C -g (TC and pressure is below 0. IMPa.

The reaction product obtained in the previous step is further subjected to rectification. That is, according to the physical and chemical properties of each material that may exist in the hydrolyzed product, different components are collected at different temperature points and stored and processed separately. When the temperature rises faster, no liquid comes out to indicate that the rectification has ended. During this process, the pressure is normal and the temperature is controlled below 16 (TC).

The main purpose Tetramethyldivinyldisiloxane is suitable for the production of liquid silicone rubber, addition silicone rubber, high temperature rubber, raw rubber, silicone gel and vinyl silicone oil.

Molecular Structure of Divinyl Tetramethyl Disiloxane

Divinyl Tetramethyl Disiloxane
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