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Properties and Applications of Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive

The silicone pressure sensitive adhesive generally refers to a pressure sensitive adhesive mainly composed of a silicone polymer, or an acrylic-modified silicone-type pressure-sensitive adhesive modified with a silicone polymer. Compared with traditional acrylate pressure sensitive adhesive and rubber type pressure sensitive adhesive, the silicone pressure sensitive adhesive has excellent chemical resistance, water resistance, oil resistance, solvent resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, thermal degradation resistance and oxidation resistance resistance. Moreover, it can be bonded to a variety of difficult-to-bond materials such as untreated polyolefin (BOPP, PET, PE, etc.) fluoroplastics, polyimides and polycarbonates. 

Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are available in solvent-based and heat-cured versions. Solvent-based silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are usually heated or naturally allowed to dry for a period of time to allow the solvent to evaporate before use. Pressure-sensitive adhesive properties are available, but such pressure-sensitive adhesives can be dissolved by solvents. The heat-curing silicone pressure sensitive adhesive usually needs to be heated to more than one bai to be cured to form pressure-sensitive adhesive properties. If you need to use a separator, use a common pressure sensitive adhesive to isolate the membrane. Different silicone pressure sensitive adhesives have different heat resistance properties. The high temperature resistant silicone pressure sensitive adhesive can reach more than 300 degrees Celsius. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives typically have a solids content of between 10% and 60%. The range of viscosity (viscosity) is very adjustable (the consistency is not necessarily proportional to the solid content). Low can have hundreds of CPS (centipoise = mpas), and high can reach millions of CPS. Therefore, manufacturers can provide different models according to the needs to meet the requirements of different construction processes, such as bachelor coating, reticulation coating, dip coating, blade coating, brush coating, shower coating and so on. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives usually contain flammable and precursor solvents such as toluene, xylene, ethyl acetate, solvent gasoline, petroleum ether, and the like. It is required to be managed according to dangerous goods during storage and use.

Application field of silicone pressure sensitive adhesive Silicone pressure sensitive adhesives are widely used in applications such as transformer oil-impregnated glass fiber tape, circuit board die-cutting protection, paint protection pressure sensitive adhesive tape, mobile phone circuit board bonding, mobile phone button bonding, high temperature insulating tape, mica pressure sensitive film, mobile TV screen protector, high temperature polyimide tape, etc. Over time, the application of silicone pressure sensitive adhesives is rapidly expanding.
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