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Recent Chinese Silicone Raw Material Market Trend

Vapor deposition silica out of stock, precipitation silica steady supply.

The force majeure has not been lifted, the market supply is tight, and the support for the domestic vapor deposition silica manufacturers continues. It is still necessary to pay close attention to the factory trends. It is expected that the short-term vapor deposition silica will continue to be firm.

α,ω-dihydroxy polydimethyl siloxane and silicone oil’s procurement demand has signs of slowing, price is steady.

In recently, D4 and DMC price have a big adjustment. After Chinese Spring Festivals, raw materials producing and sales are booming, transaction is active, monomer price raw materials keep rising, D4 and DMC price keep rising too.

Chinese Yunnan Provincial Energy Investment Group Co.,Ltd will lead the construction of an silicone new materials industrial park. The total planned investment is 4.3 billion yuan, covers an area of 4000 acres. After completion, it is estimated that the annual output value will be 5 billion yuan.
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