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It is often felt that organosilicon is far from our daily life. Today, I would talk about how organosilicon is adopted in our life. We often see shampoo without silicone oil used on the present market and the related advertised slogan says that it doesn't produce any harmful affect and doesn't block our scalp's breathing. However, Silicon cannot be absorbed by our skin. The role of silicon in shampoo is to form a film on our hair so that we will feel our hair smooth. This film is formed on the surface and it doesn't enter our bodies. So when we use silicon-free shampoo, we feel our hair dry after we wash our hair. The reason is that there is no component to make a membrane.

When we choose the shampoo, we would still make choice according to the washing and protecting effect we need. We can't be deceived by merchants with the aim of marketing through slogans. If you need the effect of washing and smoothness, make sure to choose shampoo which contains silicon.

When we use the anti-aging facial cream at night, retinol helps us reduce skin aging. Besides, there are some membrane bars made of silicon on the surface of our skin and they prevent dirty substances in the air from entering our skin.

In the daytime use of sun cream, there is also an organosilicon film with an effect of ultraviolet resistance in the cream with the function of sun protection. The most important matter is that silicon is only protective on the surface of our skin and it doesn’t enter our skin. It can be eliminated in daily skin cleaning.

When we use hand cream on our hands, we may have different caring demands. Some people may demand to whiten, some others may need moisturizing and some others may need humidity reservation. Fruit glycosides, VC and some other whitening ingredients may be added to whitening hand cream according to requirement. A variety of osmosis ingredients may be added to moisturized hand cream. What is more, humidity-reserving hand cream needs our organosilicone. On the surface of your skin surface, there must be a protective film to reserve the moisture on the skin of your hands. When we use different hand creams for intensive maintenance, we may find that some brands of hand cream can hardly be absorbed or form a film on our hands while some brands of hand cream on our hands are not only comfortable and but also washable. This is why the formula is reasonably mixed with organosilicon ingredients to form a film.

Actually, the chemical industry is very close to our life. Although we often have the fear of dominance by chemistry, application of chemical products make some convenience in our life.

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