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The Role of Phenyl Trimethicone in Hair Products

Cosmetic grade silicone oil is a phenyl trimethicone which is easy to emulsify and uses standard emulsifiers and conventional techniques. This product has antioxidant properties and excellent compatibility with cosmetics, which can improve the performance of a variety of cosmetic formulations.

1. Advantages of phenyl trimethicone

● Phenyl trimethicone lubricates the skin, moisturizes, moisturizes and is not greasy. It achieves natural perspiration and venting through the invisible flexible film.
● Phenyl trimethicone has a high refractive index, which gives the hair a high gloss and makes the lipstick and skin cream look shiny.
● Phenyl trimethicone has excellent anti-adhesion and anti-stick properties.

2. Main performance indicators of phenyl trimethicone Appearance:

Colorless transparent liquid Viscosity: 15~25 Refractive index: 1.45~1.46 Specific gravity: 0.97-0.99

3. Application of phenyl trimethicone

● It has good compatibility with various oils and can reduce the adhesion and stickiness of organic ingredients in the following formulas: - moisturizer and moisturizer - sunscreen and sunscreen spray - need pre-emulsion
● It also enhances the dispersibility of silty materials in products containing physical preservatives and color cosmetics. - Make-up products: foundation cream, foundation lotion, lipstick, powder bottle, etc.
● Phenyl trimethicone is used as a hair brightening agent for hair sprays, hair conditioners and hair products in hair products.

4. Packaging, storage and transportation of phenyl trimethicone

We offer 50kg drums and 200kg drums of phenyl trimethicone. If you have special requirements, you can negotiate and customize. This product is stored in unopened original packaging at a storage temperature of 25 ° C and below. This product is valid for 30 months from the date of manufacture. Retest the product if it exceeds the storage period. It can still be used if it meets the quality requirements.

5. Notes

◆ The pH value of this series of products is nearly neutral. If you accidentally touch your skin or eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and go to the hospital for treatment.
◆ Avoid the simultaneous presence of flammable materials during the transfer of this product. If possible, please have inert gas protection perform in the appliance and use suitable ventilation to maintain a safe level of solvent vapor in the surrounding area.
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