VQM resin is a curing agent. When it is added to siloxane elastomer, it can cure and improve its mechanical properties.

The curing mechanism of vinyl functional siloxane polymer is the addition reaction with siloxane crosslinker of Si-H group under the condition of adding platinum catalyst. Due to the poor mechanical properties of RTV without additives, the performance will be improved after adding some fillers such as carbon black, gas phase white carbon black or precipitated white carbon black.

VQM resin product is composed of vinyl functional siloxane polymer and vinyl functional MQ resin. This series of products are suitable for the formula without adding fillers and have a transparent system with good mechanical properties. Such products can also further improve the mechanical properties of the filler formula.

Methyl vinyl silicone rubber is used as the raw rubber, and white carbon black, structured control agent, vinyl MQ (VMQ) silicone resin, etc. are added to obtain the mixed rubber. The effects of the type and amount of structured control agent and the amount of VMQ silicone resin on the high temperature resistance of thermally vulcanized silicone( rubber were detected. When methylphenylvinyl silicone(PVMQ) oil / hexamethyldisilazane compound is used as the structure control agent, and the amount of both is 4 parts, the temperature at which the mass loss rate of silicone rubber is 5% is 460 ℃. In addition, adding 5 parts of VMQ silicone resin can improve the thermal stability of silicone rubber, the maximum thermal decomposition temperature increased from 565.8 ℃ to 580.9 ℃. The preferred formula is: 100 parts of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, 40 parts of fumed silica, 10 parts of ferric oxide, methyl phenyl vinyl silicone oil / hexamethyl disilazane compound and the dosage is all 4 parts, VMQ silicone resin 5 parts, 2,5-dimethyl-2,5-bis (tert-butylperoxy) hexane 0.7 parts.
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