XJY-706 1,1,3,3 - Tetramethyldisiloxane and textile auxiliary

Hydrogen-containing silicone oils are often used as raw materials for synthesizing block-modified silicone oils and graft-modified silicone oils because of their special chain-end structure, and block-modified silicone oils (or graft-modified silicone oils) are a class of fabrics with excellent performance. Finishing agent. Hydrogen-containing silicone oil can be synthesized by using D4 (octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane) and tetramethyldihydrodisiloxane as raw materials, and polymerized under the action of a catalyst. The different catalysts are not only related to the differences in product performance, but also to the difficulty of production process control. Three catalysts, concentrated sulfuric acid, solid acid (rare earth cationic acid resin) and activated clay, have been studied.

The synthetic hydrogen-containing silicone oils with a hydrogen content of 0.027% and 0.015% respectively. By controlling the reaction temperature and the amount of catalyst, a hydrogen-containing silicone oil with a similar viscosity is obtained; then a ternary copolymerized block silicone oil is synthesized and used for the soft finishing of cotton cloth and polyester cloth. The results show that: the synthesis of hydrogen-containing silicone oil has the best catalytic performance with concentrated sulfuric acid; solid acid can stabilize and simplify the process; activated clay is not conducive to production operations.
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