XJY-8206 VMQ Silicone resin

Vinyl Methyl VMQ Silicone Resin(VMQ resin, Vinyl MQ resin, VQM resin)


Other names

VMQ silicone resin, VMQ material,

Vinyl Q resin, VQM resin

CAS Number



White powder/transparent liquid

Effective group

Vinyl Group


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XJY-8206 Vinyl methyl silicone resin is a polycondensate from four functional group siloxane(Q) and one functional group methyl siloxane(M), the molar mass is generally 2500-5000g/mol, the molecular structure of M and Q chain ratio and the structural nature of the M decision resin applications.

Silicone polymers and silicone compounds made by VMQ material can provide wide temperature range resistance, abrasion resistance, weather resistance, compression set resistance, UV radiation resistance, and other physical properties. And it does no harm to human bodies, therefore, it can be applied in the automotive industry, medical and food industry.









Product Name

Methyl VMQ Silicone Resin


White Powder

Vinyl Content 1.8-2.2% 2.4-2.9% 2.4-2.9% 4.0-4.5% 0.5-0.8% 0.8-1.2%




XJY-8206 VMQ silicone resin can be applied to:

1. High transparent and high hardness VMQ silicone rubber,

2. Reinforcing filler for adding molded silicone rubber,

3. VMQ silicone rubber hardener,

4. Low hardness VMQ silicone elastomers,

5. Silicone gel




Powder: 15 kg carton or 25 kg fiber drum. Packaging options are available upon request.

Liquid: 50 kg plastic drum or 200 kg iron drum. Packaging options are available upon request.



Stored in the original unopened containers. Keep away from light, rain, and ventilation below 40℃ in a dry and cool place.


What materials will be used in the production of addition silicone rubber by customers?

  • Silicone oil containing vinyl (XJY-8206N Series)

  • Reinforcing filler

  • Hydrogen-containing silicone oil crosslinking agent (XJY-701, etc.)

  • Platinum catalyst.

What indexes should be paid attention to for silicone rubber made of vinyl VMQ silicone resin?

Silicone rubber for different applications has different indicators that need attention, generally including:

  • Mechanical index (elongation/tear resistance, etc.)

  • Insulation

  • Curing conditions

  • Anti yellowing

  • Hardness

  • Transparency, etc

What is the role of XJY-8206 vinyl VMQ silicone resin in addition silicone rubber?

Vinyl VMQ silicone resin is used as reinforcing filler. Under the action of platinum catalyst, vinyl MQ resin is chemically combined with silicone rubber by hydrosilylation reaction with crosslinking agent hydrogen-containing silicone oil, so as to form a three-dimensional network structure.


What is the effect of vinyl content on silicone rubber?

The higher the vinyl content, the better the tensile strength of silicone rubber; However, when the vinyl content is excessive, the crosslinking density will be too large, and the glue will become very brittle.


What is the effect of MQ resin on addition silicone rubber?

With the increase of the amount of MQ silicone resin, the hardness, tensile strength, tear strength, adhesion and crosslinking density of silicone rubber gradually increase to the most appropriate value, and then decrease with the increase of the amount of MQ silicone resin.


What liquid silicone rubber can xjy-8206 vinyl MQ resin be made into?

  1. potting glue

  • Heat conductive potting adhesive

  • Flame retardant potting adhesive

  • Conductive potting adhesive

  • Resin glue (LED potting glue)

  • Silicon gel

  • Mold glue

  1. Injection glue

  • Nipple glue / bottle glue / medical catheter / profile

  • Transparent glass

  • Insulator

  1. Coating glue

  • Silkscreen printing adhesive

  • Pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA)

  1. Molding

  • Heat conducting gasket

  • Coiled material

How to choose XJY-8206 vinyl VMQ silicone for different applications?

  • Led Encapsulated Silica Gel (COB or high-power integrated glue, corn lamp, filament glue, flip silica gel): XJY-8206N / N-3 / N-5

  • High transparent and tear-resistant silica gel products (silica gel water cup, lens, silica gel logo, etc.): XJY-8206N-8 / N-10

  • Improve the strength of silica gel (strengthen the power potting adhesive and improve the adhesion): XJY-8206N / N-3

  • Transparent high hardness addition molded liquid silicone rubber (silk screen silica gel, etc.): 8206A / B / C

  • Transparent low hardness silicone rubber, silicone gel (cosmetic, medical, dental glue, electronic insulation potting, electronic heat conduction potting): 8206E/F


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