Why add silicone oil to cosmetic and personal care?

Silicone oil is a yellowish, odorless, safe liquid polymerized siloxane with organic side chains that was first used as hydraulic fluids, heat transfer, lubricants, release agents, and paint additives in industry, and heating baths ("oil baths") in laboratories for its powerful effects on water, dust, resistance to shear stress, and oil repellency.  This polymer backbone consists of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms. Silicone oil can be used on the surface of rubber, plastic, and so on, and it also can be used on the skin. Why add silicone oil to cosmetic and personal care products?

Silicone oil was first used to create silicone hand cream in cosmetics in 1950 by an American company, it was found to have better skin care and moisturizing effects than previous products, and the ingredient was captured by the cosmetics industry.

Silicone oil added in cosmetics can make the skin feel good to the most common Polydimethylsiloxane, for example, it can increase the skin smooth and delicate feeling, and no greasy feeling and residue feeling; There are moisturizing products, moisturizing products in the closure of the main mineral oil (petroleum jelly), lanolin, silicone oil (silicone derivatives), etc., which is more viscous feeling of mineral oil and lanolin, silicone oil is not oily, and use more refreshing and comfortable in summer, it is very friendly on dry skin, so the frequency of silicone oil used in moisturizing products is not low; Silicone oil has good water resistance, can form a uniform waterproof breathable and lubricating performance of the protective film on the skin surface; As a softener, silicone oil can fill the gaps in the scales on the surface of the hair, the formation of a protective film of the hair, so that the hair is soft, smooth and shiny, many shampoos, hair films, hair conditioners and other products contain silicone oil derivatives.

Heres some information about it:

1. What is silicone oil?

Silicone oil usually refers to liquid polymerized siloxane products that remain liquid at room temperature, which is a synthetic ingredient, a colorless, odorless, and non-toxic transparent liquid, in the form of oil and gel, with either a thin or thick texture. The polymer backbone consists of alternating silicon and oxygen atoms with organic side chains normally. They are generally divided into two categories: methyl silicone oil and modified silicone oil.

Silicone oil is definitely safe for use in cosmetics within the prescribed range. It is non-irritating, non-allergenic, and non-stinging, with a neutral response to human skin, excellent anti-foaming and anti-foaming and good film-forming properties, and is very easy to form a film, used in cosmetics when applied to the skin, as a very thin layer of gauze mask, locking the moisture to protect the skin; in addition, silicone oil and other cosmetic raw materials have an excellent compatibility, heat transfer, is a very good material in cosmetics manufacture.

2. How to classify silicone oil?

2.1 Dimethicone

Dimethicone is a polymer with a variety of viscosities, generally 0.6, 5, 10, 100, 350, 1000, and other viscosities, low viscosity is suitable for adding and skin care products to provide a more refreshing sense of moisture, high viscosity is suitable for providing a strong sense of moisturizing skin care products, ultra-high viscosity is suitable for adding in hair care products and scar removal products.

Dimethicone has low surface tension, is easy to spread, the combination of appropriate viscosity to give personal care products lubrication, and a greasy feeling so that the skin is soft; it also has a foam inhibition, defoaming, anti-foaming effect, to prevent the application of products, "white" phenomenon. Different products need to choose different viscosity, the higher the viscosity, the greater the oiliness, and low viscosity gives the skin a dry feeling. However, due to their deposition properties, dimethicones are used in low quantities in cosmetic formulations. The properties of the products can be adjusted by compounding with Polydimethylsiloxanes of different viscosity grades.

2.2 Phenyl silicone oil

Phenyl silicone oil (Phenyl Trimethicone) is a phenyl-modified Polysiloxane, a low-viscosity colorless transparent liquid, which is slightly volatile, high refractive index, and is easily soluble in alcohols; It has good anti-stickiness, increases the solubility of silicone oils and other fats and oils effectiveness, can be used to brighten the gloss of the cream and to improve the performance of a variety of cosmetic formulas, endowed with excellent hydrophobicity, air permeability, it can be used to improve the performance of various cosmetic formulations, giving the products excellent hydrophobicity, breathability, anti-aging, UV protection, softness, smoothness, anti-adhesion and so on.

Phenyl silicone oil is mainly used as a waterproof additive, as well as to reduce the viscosity of organic ingredients in formulations, such as skin lotions and creams, sun care lotions, and shaving creams (lotions); It is used as a shine and sunscreen ingredient in hair care products; In daily chemical products, it is well suited for skin care lotions, skin creams, sun care lotions, shaving creams (lotions), hair care and color cosmetics. Phenyl silicone oil possesses good compatibility with cosmetics and can be used as a cosmetic additive due to its stability in heat and ultraviolet rays.

XJY-056 Phenyl Modified Liquid, this cosmetic grade silicone oil has a remarkably high refractive index and can be used in the personal care industry such as hair care and color cosmetics. It has properties such as soft lubrication, antioxidants, and good compatibility with cosmetic ingredients.

It can be added to cosmetic and personal care products to enhance shine; anti-frizz; non-sticky; soft and silky; waterproof; film-forming; ductility and compatibility. It can be used in hair care, shampoo, conditioner, styling products; deodorant and antiperspirant; color cosmetics (brightening eye makeup, BB, translucent lip gloss).

2.3 Cyclic-free silicone fluids (Methyl Trimethicone)

Methyl Trimethicone is a silicone compound and is often used as a softener and emollient for oily and dry skin. It is a transparent, colorless, odorless viscous liquid with good permeability and non-volatile properties. It mainly plays the role of softener and emollient in cosmetics, increasing the viscosity and improving the smoothness of the product, providing a softness and moisturizing effect to the skin.

Methyl Trimethylsiloxane is widely used in cosmetics, and common cosmetics containing methyl Polytrimethylsiloxane include creams, lotions, foundations, concealers, mascaras, and so on.

XJY-058 Cyclic-free Silicone fluids is an MT structure of Methyl Trimethylsiloxane oligomer, acyclic, colorless, and non-irritating, with excellent volatility and spreading, compatible with a variety of cosmetics, light texture, refreshing, non-greasy, so that the skin has a soft, silky feeling, improve the formula and feel, and no long-lasting residue, cosmetics formulations commonly used in the ideal raw materials.

It can be added to cosmetics and personal care products to improve the product's excellent volatility; spreading; light and non-greasy texture; compatibility and other properties.

Also has a variety of applications: it is widely used in skincare, sunscreen, makeup, deodorant, antiperspirant, hair conditioning, and other products; as a base solution or temporary carrier to reduce the surface tension, which helps the uniform application of the color powder; can also be used as a base oil component of personal care products, good spreadability, easy to apply, lubrication and has a unique volatility.

3. What are the features of silicone oil?

(1) Silicone oil has high-temperature resistance and good stability in extreme temperatures, the affinity between molecules is weak, so the surface tension is very low;

(2) Silicone oil has good compatibility with other oils and fats, silicone oil has a high degree of inertia when applied to the skin feels fresh texture and thin, with low irritation to the skin, and is almost not absorbed by the skin, so does not have to worry about penetration into the skin;

(3) Silicone oil is relatively friendly to the environment, it can volatilize into the atmosphere and can be decomposed in the water, and did not find the phenomenon of enrichment;

(4) Because the surface tension of silicone oil is extremely low, it can be quickly spread on the skin, the preparation of cosmetics with moisturizing but not greasy skin feel.

4. How does silicone oil affect skin care products?

(1) After adding silicone oil skin care products have good anti-static ability, coated with static electricity disappear from the surface of the skin, dust removal effect is good;

(2) After adding silicone oil, the skin care products are coated on the skin surface to form a layer of waterproof good breathable protection, there is a faint luster, and can be used for foundation waterproof addition;

(3) In some cream systems, if the system is more advanced fatty alcohols, adding silicone oil can effectively improve the phenomenon of white stripe coating;

(4) The addition of silicone oil can increase the compatibility of various skin care oils;

(5) Many ingredients in cosmetics can be compatible with silicone oil, can reduce the sticky feeling, and can be used as a co-solvent, solid dispersant. In refreshing creams, cleansers, lotions, makeup, and generally added-in-color cosmetics;

(6) Adding silicone oil for fragrance has a slow-release role in fixing the fragrance, to extend the period of preservation of fragrance, can be added in perfume.

5. How to apply silicone oil in cosmetics and personal care?

As a cosmetic carrier, silicone oil has a low surface tension, combined with viscosity, can make cosmetics and other components easy to diffuse into a uniformly distributed film on the skin; silicone oil has de-adhesive properties so that it and petroleum jelly, paraffin, beeswax, lanolin, etc. with the non-tacky products; volatile silicone oil can be given to the cosmetic to fast-drying, smooth, stain-resistant glossy good performance.

At present, silicone oil has become an important component or additive in many cosmetics.

(1) Hair products

In hair care products, silicone oil can make the hair to increase the luster and, at the same time can play a role in styling and prevent the hair from sticking together; in shampoo, silicone oil can make the hair easy to comb. Silicone oil added to hair products can increase the luster and softness of the hair, and combability, but also easy to wash away. General emulsified silicone oil is used, the size of the particle size with the old formula also uses a high degree of Polydimethylsiloxane, need to pay attention to the suspension when emulsified to join; In the hair care essential oils, generally used with polycyclic silicone with polydimethylsiloxane to do the whole system of oil hair care essential oils; in the hair film, generally use amino silicone oils with a good effect of repairing the hair.

(2) Skincare emulsified products

Adding silicone oil to skin care products can improve cosmetics the skin unfolding, can be given to cosmetic's fast drying, smoothness, and glossiness; in skin care products, silicone oil forms a hydrophobic film, which can prevent the other components from being washed away by the water, but also to maintain the skin in the normal air permeability; in the creams and lotions are generally added to the medium-low viscosity polydimethylsiloxane, phenyl silicone oil, with refreshing skin feel, with polydimethylsiloxanes alcohols lubricant Silicone oil to regulate the skin feels.

(3) Essence oil

Generally, Polycyclic silicone with silicon elastomers and polydimethylsiloxane alcohol with the purpose of increasing skin feel deployment.

(4) Aqueous products

Generally, water-soluble silicone and Polyether-modified silicone oil adjust the skin feel and moisturizing degree.

(5) In antiperspirant and body shampoo

Adding silicone oil can give the product a cool feeling and prolong the fragrance time.

6. How to choose silicone oil for your cosmetics and skincare products?

Silicone oil as a cosmetic raw material, has good chemical stability, is odorless, non-toxic, non-irritating to the skin, non-allergic, and can form a uniform waterproof breathable film on the skin surface. Nowadays silicone oil has become one of the important raw materials in the cosmetic industry, how to make your products more competitive?

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