Why choose silicone PSA for medical field?

People have always attached great importance to the development of medical and health care, and medical supplies commonly play a very important role, especially since the application of pressure-sensitive adhesive is ubiquitous, surgery, wounds, diagnosis, and other aspects need to be used. Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is one of the main substrates. Why choose silicone PSA for medical field?

Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives are resin-based pressure-sensitive adhesives, that are suitable for various types of substrates and have a wide temperature range, it has good peel adhesion and dries quickly. Silicone PSA also has good fixation properties and peel adhesion, no odor, little skin irritation, and biodegradability, and is widely used in the medical field.

This will discuss the following seven aspects of PSA in the medical field:

1. What is PSA?

The pressure-sensitive adhesives(PSA) are a class of adhesives that are sensitive to pressure. Through light pressure, when applying a certain pressure to the bonding surface, pressure-sensitive adhesives can form a bond. On the other hand,  pressure-sensitive adhesives tape is an adhesive coated on the tape material (such as film, non-woven fabric foam, etc.). Usually, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape is formed by the substrate, adhesive layer, release paper, unwinding agent, and other parts of the composition.

2. What is silicone PSA?

Silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives generally refer to the silicone polymer as the main body or formed by the silicone polymer-modified acrylic and silicone-modified rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesives. Compared with the traditional acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesives, rubber-type pressure-sensitive adhesives have excellent resistance to chemicals, water, oil, solvents, high temperature and low temperatures, heat degradation, oxidative degradation, and other properties, but are also suitable for a variety of hard-to-stick-materials-such as non-surface-treated Polyolefin (BOPP, PET, PE, etc.) Fluorine plastics, Polyimide, as well as Polycarbonate and other adhesive bonding.

XJY-301 Silicone Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive is a specific structure of silicone resin and high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane complex, is a kind of adhesive applied to specific scenarios under the conditions of the adhesive, has high-temperature resistance, high stability, good electrical insulation, good transparency and so on, in the field of electrical insulation tapes(mica tapes), masking tape, plastic films, protective films, especially medical treatment.

3. What are the advantages of silicone PSA for medical?

For medical silicone pressure-sensitive adhesives, also known as medical silicone adhesives, the main raw materials include Vinyl silicone oil, Hydrogen-containing silicone oil, and MQ silicone resin.

By adding MQ silicone resin to the raw materials, it can fill the internal structure of the adhesive, improve the solidity of the structure of the silicone adhesive, and increase the cohesive strength of the silicone adhesive, at the same time, it can make the silicone adhesive highly adhesive and not easy to fall off.

Compared with traditional rubber and acrylic tapes, medical tapes prepared with medical-type silicone gel pressure-sensitive adhesive have elasticity and low surface tension, which ensures that the peeling force generated at the time of tearing can be quickly dispersed, and reduce damage to the skin and protect the skin.

Compared with other adhesive methods, silicone-sensitive adhesives tape tape has the following series of advantages:

(1) When using silicone PSA without heating mechanical reinforcement and other cumbersome processes, the production process is convenient and quick.

(2) Silicone PSA is easy to save, in a longer period of time the adhesive layer will not dry solid, so it is also known as self-adhesive.

(3) Most cases can be peeled off from the surface to be adhered to and do not cause damage to it, it is also an important advantage of silicone PSA tape.

(4) Silicone PSA belongs to the environmental protection adhesive and is non-toxic and non-polluting.

Because of these unique advantages, the application of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in medical products - especially the one-time use of medical products is becoming more and more widespread.

4. How to use silicone PSA?

Medical silicone PSAs are easy to penetrate when scraped directly onto non-woven fabrics, and are generally recommended for the transfer coating process.

So we can pre-coat silicone in the fluorine release film on the compound nonwoven fabric together with heat vulcanization, or treat the nonwoven fabric to form a thin layer of isolation anti-penetration film, and then directly coat.

4.1 What are the main methods of use?

(1) Coated film lamination process:

By dispersing the drug in the pressure-sensitive adhesive solution, coated on the backing film, and then through the drying channel hot air drying to remove organic solvents, and finally covered with a protective film and controlled release film laminated, slit into finished products.

(2) Filling and thermal bonding process:

The pressure-sensitive adhesive is coated on the protective film, and then the drug storage material is quantitatively filled between the backing film and the release control film, thermally bonded and closed, and finally laminated with the release control film.

(3) Skeleton bonding process:

The drug and pressure-sensitive adhesive, gel, and other materials are mixed with casting and cooling molding, forming a circular sheet-like structure, and then adhered to the backing film and added a protective film.

5. What are the precautions of silicone PSA when using?

There are some special requirements of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive in the use of medical products, so in the process of selecting the silicone PSA needs to consider the following issues.

5.1 Safety

For medical products, especially direct or indirect contact with the human body, its safety is mainly reflected in environmental protection, biocompatibility, stability of the production process traceability, and other aspects.

5.2 Functionality

The functionality of pressure-sensitive adhesive is to stick well. For medical pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, the main performance in three points:

(1) Adhesion to the material

When the tape needs to stick the material to the skin (for example, when used as a surgical towel), the tape should be able to stick firmly to the skin surface.

(2) Adhesion to skin

Since most medical tapes need to be applied to the skin, they should have appropriate peel adhesion, not the stronger the better.

(3) Adaptability to sterilization methods

Different sterilization methods have different effects on product performance, selecting materials suitable for product sterilization methods is an important part of product design.

5.3 Comfort

With the improvement of medical levels, the comfort of medical products is more and more attention from medical personnel and patients. For the use of pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for medical products, tear down whether the pain, whether there will be residual adhesive, compliance, and elasticity of how, are the tape's comfortable of the specific embodiment.

6. What is the application of medical silicone PSA?

(1) Single-use surgical towels;

(2) Wound care products, including transparent dressings, functional dressings, infusion patches, ostomy bags, and so on;

(3) External plaster products;

(4) Medical adhesive tapes: silicone PSA is an important raw material for medical cloth-based tape and gauze bandage;

The medical tape prepared by using medical-type silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive has the following characteristics:

A. Hypoallergenic, not easy to cause redness, swelling, or itching, especially for the elderly, infants, and sensitive people;

B. Painless tearing, non-stick hair, minimize the pain of dressing change and skin damage;

C. Waterproof, can be repeatedly sticky;

(5) Medical consumables: disposable medical consumables. Such as surgical gowns, masks, hats, cuffs, and so on.

(6) It can be used as a transdermal drug delivery system for a variety of drugs such as cardiovascular drugs, antihistamines, etc., and is expected to develop more disease-specific applications in the future.

7. How to make medical silicone PSA performance better?

Medical silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive is a kind of adhesive used in the medical field, it has good peel adhesion performance and has played a great role in the medical field in recent years, in addition to medical consumables and other applications, more applications can be developed in the future, such as electrical insulation tapes. How to improve your competitiveness with silicone adhesives?

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