Construction sealant is a kind of paste of basic adhesive, filler, curing agent and other additives to form an elastomeric sealants material in the construction industry, after playing the use will be cured into an elastic rubber material, bonded to the building substrate, play sealing properties, waterproof and leak-proof role, mainly used in the building mechanical joints caulking seal. As a kind of construction adhesive, it is significantly different from other construction adhesives such as glue in form and application, other construction adhesives are generally fluid, mainly used to bond, and paste the building decoration materials, is no sealing effect.


Next we are going to talk more information about it:


  1. How are construction sealants classified
    1. According to the role played by different
    2. Chemical Composition
    3. Curing Characteristics
    4. Curing Characteristics
  2. Silicone construction sealants
    1. How are silicone construction sealants classified
    2. How to produce silicone construction sealants
    3. What are the properties of silicone construction sealants
    4. How does silicone construction sealant cure
      1. Performances of sealant curing performance
  3. Silicone construction sealants
  4. The main performance of sealant
    1. Appearance
    2. Hardness
    3. Tensile strength
    4. Elongation
    5. Tensile modulus and displacement capacity
    6. Adhesion to the substrate
    7. Extrusion
    8. Thixotropy
  5. Methods of evaluating performance properties of sealants



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