About Silicone Light Diffuser Material

The silicone-based light diffuser material is manufactured by Polymethylsilsesquioxane or silicone resin.


What is the application of silicone light diffuser (Polymethylsilsesquioxane) in incandescent lamps? 

Many of our previous lampshades were made of simple PC, PMMA, PS, or other types of materials. Some of them can add a little toner into the lampshade raw materials to simply improve the softness of the light in the lampshade, but the brightness has dropped a lot. In addition, many lamps in the lampshade before are incandescent bulbs, so even if the toner is not added to the lampshade raw materials, it will give people very dazzling light, making people uncomfortable.


Silicone light diffuser material is a microsphere product developed by means of cross-linking and grafting functional groups using polymer polymerization technology. The light diffuser material used in optical materials with astigmatism function is an organic or inorganic chemical product that has undergone special processing and surface treatment. The particle size is roughly distributed between 1-8 μm, or smaller or larger, evenly. The average particle size is about 2-4μm. Its a chemical product with a microstructure similar to a spherical shape, which has a certain special treatment on the surface and has good fluidity and compatibility with the optical resin substrate. From the perspective of its own characteristics, some light-diffusing agents can be passed through by the light, and some light-diffusing agents can not.


Using the difference between the refractive index of the light diffuser material and the substrate, the light passing through the substrate becomes bright and soft after being refracted multiple times and has little effect on the light transmittance of the material. It is a good choice for making optical materials such as lampshades.


LED silicone light diffuser material products are mainly used in PC, PMMA, PS, ABS, PVC lampshade, lamp tube, hoses, and light diffusion plate, LED light-emitting resin, electronic display board, digital tube, dot matrix, lampshade, lightbox, advertising board, luminous words, cosmetic bottles, etc.


Why is light diffuser material widely used and what advantages it has?

  • Light diffuser material is significantly better than traditional light diffusion materials in solving the glare problem of LED products;
  • The energy-saving advantages of LED lighting can be further strengthened  by using light diffuser material;
  • Industrial policies and market  of energy conservation and emission reduction should be adopted;
  • It is possible for LEDs to enter homes and offices on a large scale.


XJY Silicones

XJY Silicones is a new enterprise for silicone resin innovation and R&D, with more than 30 years of experience in the silicone industry.

We are manufacturing and customizing silicone resin in light diffuser material products, our manufacturing, R&D, and sales services had obtained the ISO9001 certificate.