Hydrogen MQ Resin


XJY-8207 Hydrogen MQ Resin is a polycondensate from four functional group siloxane(Q) and One functional group methyl siloxane(M), the molar mass is generally 2500-5000g/mol, the molecular structure of M and Q chain ratio, and the structural nature of the M decision resin applications. XJY-8207 has a Si-H unit on the Q unit, which is the main active unit.

XJY-8207 can be used as an intermediate of other functional groups of MQ resin and can be used as a special crosslinking agent.





Product Name

Hydrogen MQ Resin

Hydrogen MQ Resin + Solvent (Toluene)


White Powder

Clear Liquid

Solid Content



H Content












XJY-8207 MQ resin can be applied to: 

1. Crosslinking agent: Silica gel and silicone resin crosslinking agent.

2. Reinforced-filling: Used for RTV rubber, HTV rubber, addition type liquid silicone rubber.

3. Tackifier: Sealant, Silicone resin coating.

4. Other modified silicone MQ resin intermediate.


What is silicone MQ resin?

Silicone MQ resin is a kind of silicone resin with a unique structure. It is a three-dimensional spherical silicone grease formed by the co-hydrolysis polycondensation of silicone compounds containing four functional siloxane links (SiO4 /2Q) and silicone compounds containing single functional siloxane links (R3SiO1/2M). The molar mass of silicone MQ resin is generally 1000 ~ 8000g / mol, the glass transition temperature (Tg) ranges widely, and the state distribution ranges from viscous fluid to solid powder.

It is generally believed that silicone MQ resin is a compact spherical body with a double-layer structure, in which the spherical core is cage SiO2 with Si-O chain connection, high density and polymerization degree of 15 ~ 50, and the spherical shell is R3SiO1/2 layer with low density.


Different Types of silicone MQ resin

Due to the different organic groups r on the spherical shell, silicone MQ resin has many different types:

When R is all methyl, it is called methyl silicone MQ resin or silicone MQ resin for short; When part R is H, it is called methyl hydrogen-containing silicone MQ resin; There are also methyl phenyl silicone MQ resin, vinyl silicone MQ resin, phenyl MQ silicone resin, fluorine-containing MQ silicone resin, MDQ, MTQ silicone resin, etc.

The properties and application range of silicone MQ resin mainly depend on its synthesis process conditions and the type and number of organic groups in the molecule, that is, the number ratio of m-links to Q-Links; Among them, the organic group R mainly increases the compatibility with other components and plays a role in increasing viscosity, and the SiO4/2 chain-link mainly improves the strength of the composite and plays a reinforcing role.




Powder: 15 kg carton or 25 kg fiber drum. Packaging options are available upon request.

Liquid: 200 kg iron drum. Packaging options are available upon request.



This product is suitable for storage in a dry and cool environment.



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