Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane


Other names

Polyether-modified heptamethyltrisiloxane-polyether-modified silicone oil

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Colorless transparent liquid


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XJY-207 Polyether-modified heptamethyltrisiloxane-polyether-modified silicone oil is a commonly used silicone surfactant and is widely used in agriculture to improve the surface diffusion effect of pesticides, improve the diffusion performance, and thereby improve the effectiveness of drugs.

CAS: 67674-67-3

Product name

Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane


Colorless clear liquid

Ion model




Cloud point1%wt.


Surface Tension0.1%






1. Super properties of wetness and expansion

2. Stomatal penetration rate

3. Improve the prevention effect of pesticides

4. Reduce the spray volume,

5. No harm to human




XJY-207 Polyalkyleneoxide modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane is a modified trisiloxane silicone surfactant with a special structure. It has super properties of wetness and expansion as well as stomatal penetration rate. It can improve the prevention effect of pesticides and reduce the spray volume, widely used in the fields of pesticides herbicides, insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, plant growth regulating agents, and other aspects. XJY-207 has physical inertia, no harm to human beings or the environment.


XJY-207 Polyether modified silicone, Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane is an agricultural super-spreading agent, which can be added to pesticide formulations or tank-mixed sprays. At 0.1% concentration (WT), the surface tension of water can be reduced by 20.5mN/m. After mixing with the pesticide solution in a certain proportion, the contact angle between the spray liquid and the leaves can be reduced, thereby increasing the coverage of the spray, and XJY-207 Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane spreading agent can absorb the pesticides through the stomata of the leaves, which is helpful for improving the efficacy and reducing the pesticides. It is very effective to reduce the number of pesticides, save costs, and reduce environmental pollution caused by pesticides.


XJY-207 Polyalkyleneoxide Modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane can enhance the performance of agricultural chemicals, especially fungicides, insecticides, water-soluble broad-leaved herbicides, and plant growth regulators.




50kg pails and 200kg drums, Any special requirement may be negotiated with us.



XJY-207 Polyalkyleneoxide modified Heptamethyltrisiloxane is non-dangerous goods, stored in the dry and cool environment.



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