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Methyl MQ resin is formed by polymerization of tetrafunctional siloxane (Q) and monofunctional methyl siloxane (M). It is widely used in the fields of personal care, adhesives, defoamers, waterproofing agents, etc., and has a good application effect in the fields of high temperature, semi-permanent, or permanent for the silicone release agent.

In the silicone release agent formula, polydimethylsiloxane is widely used, and a certain amount of MQ silicone resin is added to it. After being coated on the surface of the mold at high temperature, some hydroxyl groups on MQ resin will be condensed to form a reinforcing filling for film formation of dimethyl silicone oil, thus increasing the use temperature of the release agent and increasing the reuse times, thus improving the production efficiency of downstream customers and reducing the production cost.





Product Name

 MQ Silicone Resin


White Powder





Product Name

MQ Resin / Polydimethylsiloxane

Dispersed Medium

PDMS Polydimethylsiloxane

Viscosity (mPa.s)






Silicone release agents have the characteristics of high and low-temperature resistance, low surface tension, and no corrosion to metals. Adding MQ silicone resin (5-15%) can significantly increase the strength of silicone oil film, and has good application effects in high-temperature castings, tire demoulding, car seat cushions, and other fields.


Remarks: Jiangxi New Jiayi New Material Co., Ltd. is currently conducting a pilot test of water-based resin for silicone release agents and has made good progress. By grafting hydrophilic groups on the resin, it has realized that no additional emulsifier is added and no mechanical emulsification is required for water. The purpose of decentralization. In the application field of water-based silicone release agents, the adverse effects of beneficial emulsifiers on the mold release process can be avoided.


Silicone release agents have the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, low surfacetension, and non-corrosion to metals. Adding silicone resin (5-15%) can significantly improve thestrength of the silicone oil film, and has good application effects in high-temperature casting, tirerelease. automotive seat cushions, and other fields.

(1) Easy to use and high-temperature resistant.

(2) Will not cause fading of molded parts.

(3) Solvent dilutable.

(4) Low surface tension.

(5) Semi-permanent release. In most cases, it can effect for multiple molding cycles after one use.

(6) Provides a heat-stable, non-carbonizing, non-oily release film.



Specific Application


(1) High molecular weight silicone resin has good film-forming and adhesion properties, providing long-lasting release effects.

(2) It provides durable isolation films for epoxy resins, melamine, methyl acrylate, phenolic resins, polyester sand polyurethanes during the manufacture of plastic parts

(3) It is used for releasing silicone glass laminates, silicone molded plastic pipes, and components.

(4) It provides a release function for wood molding operations. metal casting, and rubber gaskets.


(1) Polyurethane release: especially for polyester-type; polyurethane soles.

(2) Micro honeycomb automotive parts and furniture (full leather).

(3) Automotive parts: bumpers, crash pads, dashboards.


(1) Provides durable release film in the manufacturing process of plastic, adhesive, and elastomer products.

(2) Used as an additive in automotive polishing agents.


(1) Polyurethane processing release.



Products are packed 25kg per carton for powder and 200kg per steel drum for liquid. Packaging options are available upon request.



(1) This series of product pH value is neutral. If on skin (or eyes), flush with water, and get medical attention immediately.

(2) This product is neither tested nor represented as suitable for medical or pharmaceutical use.

(3) Product safety information required for safe use is no included. Before handling, read product and safety date sheets for safe use.



Stored in a cool and dry place, according to non-dangerous goods transport. When stored at or below 25°C in the original unopened containers, this product has usable life of 12 months from thedate of production. lf more than the storage period, the product should be rechecked.



What is the role of MQ resin in silicone release agents?

MQ resin, as the structural body of the mold release agent, is able to condense the active hydroxyl group under thermal curing and cure into a film, providing semi-permanent characteristics to the mold release agent system and slowing down the migration of Dimethicone to achieve repeated mold release.

What is the significance of water-based mold release agents in silicone mold release agents?

Water-based release agent is actually emulsified release agent components and dissolved in water, the purpose is to reduce VOC emissions, more environmentally friendly. At the same time, when dissolved in water, the viscosity of the system will be greatly reduced, which is convenient for customers to spray and use when releasing the mold.


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